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Indiana Planning and Zoning Law Annotated 2022 Edition 

Indiana Planning and Zoning Law Annotatated - also commonly known as the "Blue Book" - is a single, common resource document for planners, attorneys, and community officials. The 2022 Edition updates the 2017 Edition and incorporates the many changes the Indiana General Assembly has made since 2017 and recent case law. 

The Blue Book is organized into to parts as outlined below. Part One includes six Chapters prepared by Indiana professionals associated with the ISBA and APA Indiana. These essays provide valuable information about the culture, history, courts, and legal climate in Indiana. Part Two contains Indiana's current annotated codes related to planning and zoning as listed below.  

Note: When you purchase the hard copy book, you will also be given access to the PDF version which is available online.  


Part One

  • Chapter 1: Plan Commissions in Indiana
  • Chapter 2: Planning Tools for Communities
  • Chapter 3: History of Planning and Zoning in Indiana
  • Chapter 4: Restrictions on Planning and Zoning
  • Chapter 5: Indiana Courts—Hierarchy of Courts and Judicial Review of Zoning Decisions
  • Chapter 6: Related Statutes and Regulations

Part Two 

  • Title 36, Local Government
  • Planning and Development Statutes
  • Article 7: Planning and Development
  • Chapter 1: Definitions
  • Chapter 2: General Powers Concerning Planning and Development
  • Chapter 3: Platting and Vacation of Real Property
  • Chapter 4: Local Planning and Zoning
  • Chapter 5.1: Joint District Planning and Zoning
  • Chapter 7: Regional Planning Commissions
  • Chapter 11: Historic Preservation Generally
  • Chapter 11.1: Historic Preservation in Marion County

Annexation Statutes

  • Article 4: Government of Cities and Towns Generally
  • Chapter 3: Municipal Annexation and Disannexation