AICP CM Credit Approval


The Indiana Chapter of the American Planning Association (“APA Indiana”) annually pays registration fees to APA to qualify as a provider of certification maintenance credits (CM Provider) associated with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) voluntary professional designation. APA Indiana provides this service so that AICP members have the ability to receive CM credits throughout Indiana, including (but not limited to) events and conferences sponsored by APA Indiana. As a CM Provider, APA Indiana must follow the guidelines set forth in the CM Provider Toolkit, and this policy is intended to ensure those guidelines are followed. This policy will apply to any individual, group, agency or organization (organizer) requesting APA Indiana to provide or host CM credits.


The Chapter’s application form requires event planners seeking CM credits to state the learning objectives. These objectives form part of the post-event evaluation (see below). In drafting the learning objectives, applicants should be mindful of AICP’s stated core competencies, which can be found here.

Generally, the Chapter’s goals for the continuing education of its members include the following:

  • Enabling planners to operate within commonly-accepted ethical and legal bounds;
  • Deepening the understanding of planners on their core area of practice;
  • Cross-training planning practitioners on other practice areas, thereby expanding their conception of planning’s scope and power; and
  • Introducing planners to emerging trends, issues, and best practices.


All educational opportunities where CM credits are sought must meet the requirements provided by APA for CM eligibility. These include:

  • Be designed to meet a specific planning related training objective. The educational purpose or objective must be clearly identified.
  • Be designed to teach subject matter in appropriate depth and scope for the following minimum level – a planner in current practice with a minimum five years combined of professional experience and/or graduate level education (e.g., master’s degree in planning or a related field).
  • Address the demonstrated educational needs of AICP members as outlined in AICP’s Core Competencies.
  • Speakers with appropriate qualifications.

In addition, APA Indiana must be considered a primary partner in the program being offered, to do so the following conditions must be met:

  • APA Indiana has shared the total direct costs of the program (not include consumables such as food and beverages) OR the activity is marketed under the APA Indiana brand (i.e. logo);
  • APA Indiana has contributed significantly to the development of the program (e.g. topic and speaker identification); and
  • APA Indiana has or will participate in the marketing of the program.


  1. At least 30 days prior to the educational opportunity, and prior to the distribution of any promotional materials for the event, the organizer shall contact the APA Indiana Professional Development Officer (PDO) to discuss the event and its CM eligibility and provide a completed CM Presentation Submittal Form.
  2. If the educational opportunity is deemed eligible the organizer shall: (a)Ensure that APA Indiana is marketed as a primary partner on materials and websites produced for the event. The APA Indiana logo will be supplied to the organizer and shall be used on all such materials. (b) Identify how APA Indiana and/or its Board or Members have contributed to the development of the program. (c) Provide all promotional materials for the event to APA Indiana for distributions to all of its members through social media, email, newsletters, etc.
  3. Complete the CM Application Template.
  4. Pay the required fee.
  5. Upon completion of the above noted items, the APA Indiana PDO shall authorize submitting the session for AICP CM and provide the organizer with a link to the event.


All providers that have offered CM credits through the Chapter’s process shall submit a post-event evaluation to the Chapter’s PDO. While there is no prescribed form for this evaluation, it must include the following elements:

  • A list of participants;
  • A summary of attendee evaluations; and
  • Documentation satisfying that requirements noted under “Procedures, Item #2” have been met.